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What is Qi?

Modern physics has shown that matter and energy are interchangeable and that all matter is simply energy in differing forms. Matter is constantly vibrating, and the speed at which it vibrates will determine its form and density, from tangible solids through to intangible gases. Matter is constantly changing, affecting, or being affected in accordance with its interaction with energy. Our body is filled with Universal energy (Qi) and this Qi can take on forms of matter with different densities and interactions. Blood is a form of Qi that is dense and material which moistens and nourishes. Qi and Blood are inseparable in their circulation and function forming a yin yang pair.
Qi moves through us in 4 primary directions: Up- Down- In- Out and its primary functions are:
1. Transforming- changing from one state to another eg: food & drink into Gu Qi, Blood into Jing
2. Transporting- circulating through the body
3. Holding- keeping substances and structures in their place. (blood in blood vessels. Organs in position etc.)
4. Raising- the force against gravity
5. Protecting- from exterior pathogens
6. Warming- heat/fire is necessary in all transformations and this function maintains body temperature.

The theory of Yin and Yang energy represents the duality of balance and harmony within the body as it does in the universe, with Earth Qi being Yin and Heaven Qi being Yang. 

Now this concept may seem to be complicated but in essence is actually quite simple . Jing is the most Yin form of Qi and transforms into Qi, this Qi can then be transformed into Shen (the most Yang form of Qi). This then shows us that Qi is the link or bridge between substance and spirit.

 The Qi within the body is stored in pools and flows through channels like water flows down from lakes into rivers and streams. These channels are our meridians, and we must work to keep them in a state of uninterrupted flow called “Da Tong”打通. Which, in Chinese means to be open, connected and without obstruction. You can think of it in terms of traffic on a highway. If everyone is travelling on the highway without any problems, at 70mph, no congestion, no bottlenecks, and no traffic jams – that means that the traffic is “tong.” On a highway, those bottlenecks, traffic jams and congestion mean stress, a slowing of the system, pain, problems, etc. It’s the same thing in a human, if your system, your “qi,” is blocked, or more precisely, bottlenecked, then you will experience problems because of it.
Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong and its related practices aim to keep these highways through your body open. Acupuncture, herbs, tuina, massage, qigong, exercise, eating properly also can help to keep your meridians “Da Tong”.
By training Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong, we don’t need to employ these practices as the training itself allows our bodies to function in the best possible state. One aspect of our Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong practice that we are shooting for, is to keep our bodies “tong” or open – in terms of flexibility, freedom of motion, range of motion, health, the ability to bring our Yi to any point at any time, while not breaking good structure to keep it open through our full range of motion.

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