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The 8 Extraordinary Meridians are anything but ordinary!

The Eight Extraordinary Meridians – 奇經八脈 Qi Jing Ba Mai
These channels have specific attributes and properties that distinguish them from the twelve regular meridians. Though they do influence the internal organs they do not have an internal/external organ relationship with them. The Eight Extraordinary Meridians are conduits of pre-natal Yuan Qi and derive from Kidney essence. The Qi of these extraordinary vessels does not flow in one direction, but ebbs and flows like the tides. The Ren Mai and Du Mai are exceptions to this tidal movement because their Qi flows up to communicate at the end of their respective pathways. The 8 channels get their Qi from the 精 Jing that is stored in the kidneys and uses it to support the post-natal Qi. The “combustion” of Jing is what gives us life and in turn causes aging. These channels are the roadmaps of physiology, pathology and evolution and are responsible for our natural adaptations to the world. If certain conditions run in your family like heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer etc. then working the Qi Jing Ba Mai can work against these conditions from arising in yourself.

Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong uses methods to help you make these channels 打通 Da Tong (open up & free flowing) to counteract the daily issues that affect the length and quality of your life and directly affect the health of your Qi Jing Ba Mai 奇經八脈.

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