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Do you really need to detox your liver?

The liver is the organ that is in charge of storing blood, and ensuring the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body. Blood flow varies according to the time of day, the season of the year, a person’s constitution, and the state of physical and mental quietude or agitation. The blood flows at a reduced rate when sleeping, and at an increased rate when physically working. If a person moves about in a waking state, then the blood is distributed throughout all channels; if a person rests, the blood returns to the liver. 

The Liver is in charge of the tendons and the tendons connect the muscles to the bones. In accordance with the characteristics of the liver, they facilitate smooth and continuous movement. The proper functioning of the tendons relies entirely on their nourishment by liver blood. 

The Liver relates to emotions. It generates anger, a clearing force, to keep things moving and flowing. When anger dissolves, this energy transforms into faith, optimism, and wisdom.
If Liver Qi gets stuck, it can manifest in the form of mental and emotional symptoms; depression, sensation of emotional pain, or crying are typical examples. If liver Qi flares up and upsets the harmonious interplay between body and mind, outbursts of anger, or pain and distention in the sides of the chest may result. Having emotions is perfectly healthy, however when we fixate or make a habit of any emotion, it will create disharmony and disease. We can utilize the clearing energy of anger by directing it into positive actions such as new creative projects, or making changes in the world with balance and wisdom. Excessive anger and resentment cause the Qi in the body to rise up quickly, causing headaches, ringing in the ears and high blood pressure.

The Liver’s Worst Enemies can be described as simply the stress of modern life. This includes toxins in the environment,  in food, water, air and cosmetics, excessive computer work, excessive oils, alcohol, sugars, refined foods, caffeine, overeating, eating when you’re angry, eating with people you don’t like, and especially stuffing emotions inside.

Regular practice of Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong will help keep the Liver functioning well and supporting the rest of the body. This time of year (Spring) is a good time to begin as it is related to the Wood element which is also the element of the liver. Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong Nerve point massage also helps regulate the Liver meridian and aid in the the smooth flow of Qi.

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