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Martial Arts Programs for Kids & Adults that Build Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, and Self-Control

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We, at Kung Fu Southside, offer Martial Arts classes to meet the needs of students of all skill levels and goals.

We believe that Martial Arts bring out the best in people, especially children, as well as serving as a fantastic means of fitness, self-defence, and self-development. It will also reinforce traditional values such as respect, discipline, goal-setting, and accountability in a fun and structured environment.

If you are looking to lose weight, gain flexibility, improve balance, keep yourself safe, or just want to relieve stress, we have a program that suits your needs!

Kung Fu Southside Available Programs

Martial Arts Programs for Kids & Adults that Build Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, and Self-Control

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

One-On-One Introductory Assessments

From the moment you join Kung Fu Southside, we strive to help you improve your motivation, confidence, and health.

No matter what program or class you wish to join, we conduct a fruitful one-on-one introductory session to understand your goals and objectives.

Our introductory program starts with a meet and greet session to explore your fitness and goals. From there, we will recommend and organise the level-appropriate classes for you to attend.

We will also give you a crisp new uniform and two introductory weeks (four classes) to see if Kung Fu Southside is the right fit for you. You only pay $39.99 after you have completed the two weeks. Kung Fu Southside does it differently – we want our students to feel comfortable and know they have made the right choice.

Throughout your training, you will:

Gain confidence in your ability to manage yourself and others.

You may find that you consume less junk food and alcohol, stop smoking, or enjoy life more.

You will notice a greater increase in your self-esteem as you improve your self-defence abilities, fitness, mental awareness, and confidence.

You will become more attuned to your body as your fitness increases.

This is what makes training so valuable.

Improve your fitness and confidence
with Kung Fu Southside.

Always remember to work at your own pace. Don’t compare your results to others. Set realistic goals based on your abilities. With attendance and a positive attitude, nothing is impossible! If you have any questions, please CONTACT US. We are happy to assist you!

Kids Kung Fu Classes

Kung Fu Southside offers Kids’ Kung Fu classes for all children aged between 4 and 13. No matter if they are into martial arts and looking to start their journey, or you just want your kid to acquire a new skill – we have you covered.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent martial art training program and hobby for kids and reassuring for parents who are worried about their children’s safety.

It’s simple to learn and useful as the moves are centred on training rather than size or power. Ideal for kids of all age groups and sizes, our Kung Fu classes allow them to overcome larger adversaries at the time of need.

Kung Fu Southside offers a safe and loving setting where our team of certified, talented, and motivated instructors teach your children how to become strong and confident. We also help them learn techniques and skills to escape danger and protect themselves or their loved ones if necessary.

Our instructors also emphasise teaching life values through these classes and programs where your child learns about safety, perseverance, discipline, respect, and assertiveness.

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

We have divided Kids Kung Fu into three main categories to accommodate as per their age groups.
These are:

Grasshoppers (Age 4 to 5)

Dragons (Age 6 to7)

Tigers (Age 8 to 13

Sign up your child with us now

Let Kung Fu Southside teach them the skills to improve their overall fitness and confidence for a strong, richer, healthier life. Learn more about how we onboard easy and comfortable for kids to embark upon this beautiful journey.

Grasshoppers: Kids Ages 4-5

The Wing Chun Grasshoppers “kinder PRE- martial arts program” is specially designed for your 4-5-year-old kids to teach them positive social skills and fundamental motor skills such as balance, jumping, punching, kicking, etc. This will prepare them for more traditional training.

This incredible martial arts class will not only make your kids safer, stronger, and more fit, but it will also help them to become more confident and ensure that they will maintain their coordination and listening skills.

As part of our martial arts program, we introduce the concepts of respect, discipline, and self-control. We also cover basic self-defence and stranger danger concepts.

On top of all that, there is no doubt that today’s parents have difficulty keeping their young children physically active. They are constantly distracted in every aspect of their lives, and there is not much they would want to do except to sit at home and watch television.

This is something we at Kung Fu Southside are committed to changing.

Our goal is to make physical conditioning enjoyable for our children by ensuring that no two sessions will ever be the same. Students joining our program are taught new skills, and we provide them with a supportive environment that celebrates their accomplishments.

As a family-oriented school with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we will ensure that:

Your child thrives and flourishes.

Will have fun while learning respect, discipline and focus.

Ready for success in life

Begin your child’s journey

If you are looking for confidence, discipline, and self-defence for your child then you’ve found the right school.

We are a goal-driven academy where everyone works together to help each other succeed.

Let Kung Fu Southside teach your child the skills to improve their fitness and confidence for a strong, richer, healthier life.

Dragons: Kids Ages 6-7

The Wing Chun Dragons program is an age-specific curriculum that builds on the Grasshoppers program while teaching more traditional training methods and self-defence tactics.

Our approach of teaching your kid coordination, attention, and self-control uses the excitement and fun of Wing Chun Dragon martial arts abilities to teach vital life principles.

The Wing Chun Dragons Program also teaches family values such as manners, respect, and following directions. We also include safety lessons such as stranger danger, when to call 000, fire, and street safety.

At Kung Fu Southside, your kid will get the greatest coaching available as they develop:

Improved balance and coordination

Incredible agility and speed

Well-rounded athleticism for any sport or pastime

Motivation for daily challenges

The Wing Chun Dragon program prepares students for success by providing them with:

Self-control and discipline

Respect for others

Detailed attention and self-confidence when faced with obstacles

You’ll love our family-friendly, welcoming school that will help your child to develop confidence, discipline, and self-defence.

Our purpose-built academy, everyone is encouraged to learn and succeed as a team.

Tigers: Kids Ages 8-13

Our Wing Chun Tigers program for 8-13-year-olds emphasizes the integration of Martial Arts skills into a holistic approach to self-defence and personal development. This program will provide children with a fun, healthy, and lasting experience. They will become part of the Kung Fu community and will be assigned a level of responsibility that will prepare them for the rest of their lives.

Kung Fu Southside’s action-packed Kids Martial Arts classes will transform your child from the inside out! This will offer a surprising amount of benefits, from a newfound passion for fitness to unwavering self-confidence and steadfast discipline.

We emphasize the principles you will teach your children at home, such as self-esteem, how to avoid and deal with bullying, and when to use their Kung Fu for self-defence.

We provide children with the tools for lifelong success in our Wing Chun Tigers programs. Families have praised us for our approach.

We aim to build children's strength from within, rather than tear them down.

Our friendly, family-oriented school will provide your child with the atmosphere they need to thrive.

So if you’re looking for your child to gain self-confidence, discipline, and self-defence, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our school offers a unique learning environment where everyone works together to improve one another and achieve personal growth.

Ready to start your kids journey?

Adult Kung Fu Classes

The Wing Chun Kung Fu system uses a combination of different hand and foot techniques based solely on human movement. It involves a holistic view of maintaining health through martial arts and Qi Gong to ensure a long and healthy life.

A stand up technique, takedown, throw, strike, kick, choke, and use of weaponry such as Butterfly Knives and Dragon Pole are all part of the system.

Kung Fu Southside training is also an excellent conditioning tool for building strength, stamina, flexibility, and easing stress.

The adult classes are conducted on a “no ego” basis. Train with people who have similar goals – to learn a martial art, get fit, and learn to protect themselves and their families.

At Kung Fu Southside, we design programs for beginners to advanced learners no matter their age, gender or abilities. So, no matter if you are just beginning or have prior martial arts experience – we have the right program for you.

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

Our Adult Kung Fu classes are classified into three types:


Do you want to learn martial arts? Don’t know where to start? Kung Fu Southside will help you acquire the right skills to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu. Our instructors have many years of experience under their belts who have trained 100’s of individuals who had no idea about martial arts before enrolling. Whether you want to learn it for safety purposes, fitness, or just as a hobby; we’ll make sure you get the right training and lessons.


This group is ideal for those individuals who understand the basic concept, stances, and strikes of Kung Fu. In our Intermediate Kung Fu classes, we help learners polish their already established skills but teach you new techniques to improve speed, flexibility, reflexes, strength, and balance. Our instructors also teach different Kung Fu techniques including sparring and combative.


This is where we take you to the NEXT level. In Advanced classes, instructors teach students how to cope with a variety of weapons, including sticks, knives, and improvised weapons.

Learn about how we onboard our members with utmost care and professionalism. We conduct a 1-on-1 assessment to determine your current level and how we can get the best out of you. Click here to read more about this.

How Do Our Classes Benefit You?

Our classes are designed to teach you simple yet effective techniques that allow you to:

Increase your stamina and strength without causing lasting, long-term damage to your body

Gain confidence and self-belief as you grow into becoming the best version of yourself

Build awareness and techniques to help keep you and your family safe

Learn techniques to find inner balance and lower stress

Become part of an extended family of like-minded people

Friendly club atmosphere

Training suited for both males and females

Could you protect yourself and your family from a random act of violence?

We live in a dangerous world and the media frequently covers stories about carjackings, home invasions, one-punch attacks, and more. If you or a member of your family were attacked, what would you do? Your response is determined by your instincts and your training. In the absence of any training, you are at risk.

Avoid being a victim. Develop your fitness level, strength, and confidence, all while learning the techniques necessary to avoid, de-escalate, escape, or defend quickly. Our holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual training will assist you in the following ways:

Learn a reality-based step-by-step system designed to enable a smaller person to overcome a larger adversary using effective hand techniques.

Discover how to use your natural flinch response to protect yourself and attack if necessary

Utilise your opponent’s inertia and energy to your advantage, no matter what their height, weight, gender or whether you’re up against single or multiple attackers.

Protect yourself and your family.

Understand the traditional Wing Chun principles and learn how to apply them to everyday situations.

Incorporate the use of everyday items as a makeshift self-defence weapon tool.

Women's Kung Fu Classes

The Ladies Only Kung Fu classes have been carefully crafted by professional martial artists and personal trainers to offer you the most amazing full-body workout regardless of your fitness level.

You will learn practical Kung Fu combinations which you will be able to practice on your boxing bag at your own pace as part of each class. Then you will be able to step up the pace and get the best cardio workout.

If you’re looking for a fitness class with a twist, then our Women’s Only Kung Fu classes are the right fit for you!

Strengthen your mental and physical fitness, face challenges with vigour, and attack life with passion.

If you have ever taken a hit to your body or your confidence and self-belief, we at Kung Fu Southside will teach you how to take the knocks and come back fighting. The key to resilience is learning to get back up, dust yourself off and try again (without making the same mistake twice).

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

Increase your fitness and confidence while learning some practical self-defence to be healthier, happier and stronger.

Build awareness to defend yourself with skills to keep you and your family safe.

Take your first steps on an unforgettable journey.

Learn new techniques and challenge your mind and body.

Persevere and thrive as your self-confidence and self-belief grows.

Gain newfound respect for yourself, for others and the art.

Become the person you have always wanted to be but never thought you could be.

Learn more about this by reading our Introductory Assessments program.

Kung Fu Southside teach you the skills to improve your fitness and confidence for a strong, richer, healthier life. For every client, there is a one-on-one session with one of our experienced instructors to assess your goals and objectives. Learn more about this by reading our Introductory Assessments program.

Private Lessons

All Ages

As a mentally and technically challenging discipline, Wing Chun tends to emphasise a single aspect.

At Kung Fu Southside, our private lessons are a microstudy in the art of Wing Chun, designed to help you meet your challenges.

During the first few minutes of the session, you and your instructor will set your aim, and then you will work together to accomplish your goal.

Feedback then continues to flow into your next class.

Additionally, a private lesson can be used to simply catch up on a class or skill.

Private lessons can be beneficial for students who are slow or fast learners. These lessons can be used to polish techniques or enhance a skill. They can boost your confidence during regular class.

You can move forward in a troublesome area with the help of elite private lessons with a qualified instructor, outside of regular classes.

Interested in arranging a Private Class with a Kung Fu Southside instructor outside of regular class hours? Please contact us right away!

With martial arts, education, and coaching, we’ve been transforming lives since we launched in 2012. Everyone at Kung Fu Southside is welcome and safe. We take pleasure in fostering an atmosphere where people may grow and flourish.

Every age, gender, and experience level is welcome at our martial arts school. We are convinced that our realistic and practical approach will help every member to achieve greatness and live their best life through all of our programs, and we stand by it.

Become a member of the Kung Fu Southside family and start your journey today!

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