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Kids Martial Arts Programs for that Build Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, and Self-Control

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Kids Martial Arts - Kung Fu Classes

Kung Fu Southside offers Kids’ Kung Fu classes for all children aged between 4 and 13. No matter if they are into martial arts and looking to start their journey, or you just want your kid to acquire a new skill – we have you covered.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent martial art training program and hobby for kids and reassuring for parents who are worried about their children’s safety.

It’s simple to learn and useful as the moves are centred on training rather than size or power. Ideal for kids of all age groups and sizes, our Kung Fu classes allow them to overcome larger adversaries at the time of need.

Kung Fu Southside offers a safe and loving setting where our team of certified, talented, and motivated instructors teach your children how to become strong and confident. We also help them learn techniques and skills to escape danger and protect themselves or their loved ones if necessary.

Our instructors also emphasise teaching life values through these classes and programs where your child learns about safety, perseverance, discipline, respect, and assertiveness.

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Kids Martial Arts - Grading for children

We have divided Kids Kung Fu into three main categories to accommodate as per their age groups.
These are:

Grasshoppers (Age 4 to 5)

Dragons (Age 6 to7)

Tigers (Age 8 to 13)

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Let Kung Fu Southside teach them the skills to improve their overall fitness and confidence for a strong, richer, healthier life. Learn more about how we onboard easy and comfortable for kids to embark upon this beautiful journey.

Grasshoppers: Kids Ages 4-5

The Wing Chun Grasshoppers “kinder PRE- martial arts program” is specially designed for your 4-5-year-old kids to teach them positive social skills and fundamental motor skills such as balance, jumping, punching, kicking, etc. This will prepare them for more traditional training.

Our incredible kids martial arts class will not only make your kids safer, stronger, and more fit, but also help them to become more confident and ensure that they will maintain their coordination and listening skills.

As part of our martial arts program, we introduce the concepts of respect, discipline, and self-control. We also cover basic self-defence and stranger danger concepts.

Martial arts students have a greater academic success rate. Why? They build confidence and discipline from a very early age. They learn how to overcome obstacles and achieve successes via training, giving them the confidence and spirit to excel in martial arts, school, and at home.

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

As a family-oriented school with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we will ensure that:

Your child thrives and flourishes.

Will have fun while learning respect, discipline and focus.

Ready for success in life

Begin your child’s MARTIAL ARTS journey

If you are looking for confidence, discipline, and self-defence for your child then you’ve found the right school.

We are a goal-driven academy where everyone works together to help each other succeed.

Let Kung Fu Southside teach your child the skills to improve their fitness and confidence for a strong, richer, healthier life.

Dragons: Kids Ages 6-7

The Wing Chun Dragons program is an age-specific curriculum that builds on the Grasshoppers program while teaching more traditional training methods and self-defence tactics.

Our approach of teaching your kid coordination, attention, and self-control uses the excitement and fun of Wing Chun Dragon martial arts abilities to teach vital life principles.

The Wing Chun Dragons Program also teaches family values such as manners, respect, and following directions. We also include safety lessons such as stranger danger, when to call 000, fire, and street safety.

Our goal is to make physical conditioning enjoyable for our children by ensuring that no two sessions will ever be the same. Students joining our program are taught new skills, and we provide them with a supportive environment that celebrates their accomplishments.

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

At Kung Fu Southside, your kid will get the greatest coaching available as they develop:

Improved balance and coordination

Incredible agility and speed

Well-rounded athleticism for any sport or pastime

Motivation for daily challenges

The Wing Chun Dragon program prepares students for success by providing them with:

Self-control and discipline

Respect for others

Detailed attention and self-confidence when faced with obstacles

You’ll love our family-friendly, welcoming school that will help your child to develop confidence, discipline, and self-defence.

Our purpose-built academy, everyone is encouraged to learn and succeed as a team.

Tigers: Kids Ages 8-13

Our Wing Chun Tigers program for 8-13-year-olds emphasises the integration of Martial Arts skills into a holistic approach to self-defence and personal development. This program will provide children with a fun, healthy, and lasting experience. They will become part of the Kung Fu community and will be assigned a level of responsibility that will prepare them for the rest of their lives.

Wing Chun is also an incredible method to combat bullies in schools or your neighbourhood. Martial arts teachers are sometimes misunderstood as teaching students how to beat up on other people. Instead, our program is focused on teaching your child how to repel bullies using verbal assertiveness, as well as many nonviolent self-defence tactics to keep them safe if they are physically assaulted.

Kung Fu Southside’s action-packed Kids Martial Arts classes will transform your child from the inside out! This will offer a surprising amount of benefits, from a newfound passion for fitness to unwavering self-confidence and steadfast discipline.

Your child will be encouraged to take care of their bodies and to have a positive attitude and work ethic. Each of our sessions includes wonderful fitness, flexibility, and strengthening components. Our team of instructors is ready to ensure that your child has the best possible start in life.

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

We emphasize the principles you will teach your children at home, such as self-esteem, how to avoid and deal with bullying, and when to use their Kung Fu for self-defence.

We provide children with the tools for lifelong success in our Wing Chun Tigers programs. Families have praised us for our approach.

We aim to build children's strength from within, rather than tear them down.

Our friendly, family-oriented school will provide your child with the atmosphere they need to thrive.

So if you’re looking for your child to gain self-confidence, discipline, and self-defence, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our school offers a unique learning environment where everyone works together to improve one another and achieve personal growth.

Ready to start your kids Martial Arts journey?


I would just like to say thank you to Sifu Dave, for running a happy, relaxed atmosphere school, without compromising on teaching the skills. Having trained for many years in Taekwondo, I knew it would be a challenge changing to a different style, but Sifu and the rest of the class have made this transition a lot easier. I very much look forward to climbing the Wing Chun ladder...read more
John Walker
Great teacher and supportive fellow students make Kung Fu Southside a friendly and fun environment for learning.
Kamini Pillay
AAAA+++ Kung Fu School. 😀Absolutely great fun and great leaders💕Highly Recommended 🙏🏽 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Annie Whitinui
My son started at Kung fu southside a month ago and already I have noticed a major change in his behaviour, he was bullied at school, so I decided to sign him into Kung fu south side and I’m glad I did. In short time he has gotten back his confidence and mental stability. He is more concentrated on his studies and has more discipline at home and school...read more
Nat Adlan
My youngest son James has just completed the 2 week trial and love's doing it. We have found that it has calmed him down. Thank you Kung Fu Southside.
Kane Fellowes
I was really impressed with Kung Fu Southside. There was no hesitation to bring my son along and when we arrived Sifu Dave was lovely, as was Karmony. I am really excited to continue practising WingChun here!
Chloe Wells
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kung Fu Southside and Sifu Dave. I have no martial arts experience, so I was feeling nervous about attending their free women's self defense class—but Sifu Dave made me feel comfortable and paced the session really well for newbies. I highly recommend Kung Fu Southside!
Erin Maclean
Positive martial artist with positive energy. A true martial artist! Thumbs up!
Jack Leung
My two boys started Kung Fu here last week and absolutely love it. Thank-you Sifu Dave, you are great with teaching kids.
Rena Petrides
Great training and fitness. A1 Sifu and Atmosphere.
Steve Prowley
4 of my kids learn Kung Fu at Southside and they are all loving it. The teachers are all great at keeping the kids engaged while teaching them some pretty impressive stuff, and they're always excited about their lessons. One of my kids is autistic and Sifu is fabulous at including him in the lessons and still having high expectations of all the students...read more
Sue Barlow
Amazing school and amazing staff, The Sifu is great with kids and very caring for his students you couldn’t find a better place to train. Every time, you will leave with a smile on your face. Highly recommend.
Rob Bradley
My youngest son James has just completed the 2 week trial and love's doing it. We have found that it has calmed him down. Thank you Kung Fu Southside.
Kirsty Carvey
One big happy family, lots of fun with hard work. Love every bit Sifu Save does.
Sinisa Pavic
I have been taking my 6yr old grandson for lessons for about 3 months because I was concerned about his attitude towards others. Prior to that he was getting into fights at school and having detention most days. In the time he has been doing Kung Fu he hasn't had detention once, in fact he has been coming home with awards for good behaviour...read more
Keith Holden
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