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Stay Fit And Learn Effective Self-Defense With Kung Fu Southside

Martial Arts Programs for Kids & Adults that Build Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, and Self-Control

Kung Fu Southside

We, at Kung Fu Southside, offer Martial Arts classes to meet the needs of students of all skill levels and goals.

We believe that Martial Arts bring out the best in people, especially children, as well as serving as a fantastic means of fitness, self-defence, and self-development. It will also reinforce traditional values such as respect, discipline, goal-setting, and accountability in a fun and structured environment.

If you are looking to lose weight, gain flexibility, improve balance, keep yourself safe, or just want to relieve stress, we have a program that suits your needs!

Kung Fu Southside Available Programs

Martial Arts Programs for Kids & Adults that Build Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, and Self-Control

Sign up Today for a $39.99 Trial Including your Uniform and the first Two Weeks training! Call 0488 020 604 to schedule a time.

One-On-One Introductory Assessments

From the moment you join Kung Fu Southside, we strive to help you improve your motivation, confidence, and health.

No matter what program or class you wish to join, we conduct a fruitful one-on-one introductory session to understand your goals and objectives.

Our introductory program starts with a meet and greet session to explore your fitness and goals. From there, we will recommend and organise the level-appropriate classes for you to attend.

We will also give you a crisp new uniform and two introductory weeks (four classes) to see if Kung Fu Southside is the right fit for you. You only pay $39.99 after you have completed the two weeks. Kung Fu Southside does it differently – we want our students to feel comfortable and know they have made the right choice.

Throughout your training, you will:

Gain confidence in your ability to manage yourself and others.

You may find that you consume less junk food and alcohol, stop smoking, or enjoy life more.

You will notice a greater increase in your self-esteem as you improve your self-defence abilities, fitness, mental awareness, and confidence.

You will become more attuned to your body as your fitness increases.

This is what makes training so valuable.

Improve your fitness and confidence
with Kung Fu Southside

Always remember to work at your own pace. Don’t compare your results to others. Set realistic goals based on your abilities.

With attendance and a positive attitude, nothing is impossible! If you have any questions, please CONTACT US. We are happy to assist you!


Great teacher and supportive fellow students make Kung Fu Southside a friendly and fun environment for learning.
Kamini Pillay
AAAA+++ Kung Fu School. 😀Absolutely great fun and great leaders💕Highly Recommended 🙏🏽 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Annie Whitinui
My son started at Kung fu southside a month ago and already I have noticed a major change in his behaviour, he was bullied at school, so I decided to sign him into Kung fu south side and I’m glad I did. In short time he has gotten back his confidence and mental stability. He is more concentrated on his studies and has more discipline at home and school...read more
Nat Adlan
My youngest son James has just completed the 2 week trial and love's doing it. We have found that it has calmed him down. Thank you Kung Fu Southside.
Kane Fellowes
I was really impressed with Kung Fu Southside. There was no hesitation to bring my son along and when we arrived Sifu Dave was lovely, as was Karmony. I am really excited to continue practising WingChun here!
Chloe Wells
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kung Fu Southside and Sifu Dave. I have no martial arts experience, so I was feeling nervous about attending their free women's self defense class—but Sifu Dave made me feel comfortable and paced the session really well for newbies. I highly recommend Kung Fu Southside!
Erin Maclean
I would just like to say thank you to Sifu Dave, for running a happy, relaxed atmosphere school, without compromising on teaching the skills. Having trained for many years in Taekwondo, I knew it would be a challenge changing to a different style, but Sifu and the rest of the class have made this transition a lot easier. I very much look forward to climbing the Wing Chun ladder...read more
John Walker
Positive martial artist with positive energy. A true martial artist! Thumbs up!
Jack Leung
My two boys started Kung Fu here last week and absolutely love it. Thank-you Sifu Dave, you are great with teaching kids.
Rena Petrides
Great training and fitness. A1 Sifu and Atmosphere.
Steve Prowley
4 of my kids learn Kung Fu at Southside and they are all loving it. The teachers are all great at keeping the kids engaged while teaching them some pretty impressive stuff, and they're always excited about their lessons. One of my kids is autistic and Sifu is fabulous at including him in the lessons and still having high expectations of all the students...read more
Sue Barlow
Amazing school and amazing staff, The Sifu is great with kids and very caring for his students you couldn’t find a better place to train. Every time, you will leave with a smile on your face. Highly recommend.
Rob Bradley
My youngest son James has just completed the 2 week trial and love's doing it. We have found that it has calmed him down. Thank you Kung Fu Southside.
Kirsty Carvey
One big happy family, lots of fun with hard work. Love every bit Sifu Save does.
Sinisa Pavic
I have been taking my 6yr old grandson for lessons for about 3 months because I was concerned about his attitude towards others. Prior to that he was getting into fights at school and having detention most days. In the time he has been doing Kung Fu he hasn't had detention once, in fact he has been coming home with awards for good behaviour...read more
Keith Holden
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