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Martial Arts Programs for Kids & Adults that Build Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, and Self-Control

Adult Kung Fu Classes

The Wing Chun Kung Fu system uses a combination of different hand and foot techniques based solely on human movement. It involves a holistic view of maintaining health through martial arts and Qi Gong to ensure a long and healthy life.

A stand up technique, takedown, throw, strike, kick, choke, and use of weaponry such as Butterfly Knives and Dragon Pole are all part of the system.

Kung Fu Southside training is also an excellent conditioning tool for building strength, stamina, flexibility, and easing stress.

The adult classes are conducted on a “no ego” basis. Train with people who have similar goals – to learn a martial art, get fit, and learn to protect themselves and their families.

At Kung Fu Southside, we design programs for beginners to advanced learners no matter their age, gender or abilities. So, no matter if you are just beginning or have prior martial arts experience – we have the right program for you.

Our Adult Kung Fu classes are classified into three types:


Do you want to learn martial arts? Don’t know where to start? Kung Fu Southside will help you acquire the right skills to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu. Our instructors have many years of experience under their belts who have trained 100’s of individuals who had no idea about martial arts before enrolling. Whether you want to learn it for safety purposes, fitness, or just as a hobby; we’ll make sure you get the right training and lessons.


This group is ideal for those individuals who understand the basic concept, stances, and strikes of Kung Fu. In our Intermediate Kung Fu classes, we help learners polish their already established skills but teach you new techniques to improve speed, flexibility, reflexes, strength, and balance. Our instructors also teach different Kung Fu techniques including sparring and combative.


This is where we take you to the NEXT level. In Advanced classes, instructors teach students how to cope with a variety of weapons, including sticks, knives, and improvised weapons.

Learn about how we onboard our members with utmost care and professionalism. We conduct a 1-on-1 assessment to determine your current level and how we can get the best out of you. Click here to read more about this.

How Do Our Classes Benefit You?

Our classes are designed to teach you simple yet effective techniques that allow you to:

Increase your stamina and strength without causing lasting, long-term damage to your body

Gain confidence and self-belief as you grow into becoming the best version of yourself

Build awareness and techniques to help keep you and your family safe

Learn techniques to find inner balance and lower stress

Become part of an extended family of like-minded people

Friendly club atmosphere

Training suited for both males and females

Could you protect yourself and your family from a random act of violence?

We live in a dangerous world and the media frequently covers stories about carjackings, home invasions, one-punch attacks, and more. If you or a member of your family were attacked, what would you do? Your response is determined by your instincts and your training. In the absence of any training, you are at risk.

Avoid being a victim. Develop your fitness level, strength, and confidence, all while learning the techniques necessary to avoid, de-escalate, escape, or defend quickly. Our holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual training will assist you in the following ways:

Learn a reality-based step-by-step system designed to enable a smaller person to overcome a larger adversary using effective hand techniques.

Discover how to use your natural flinch response to protect yourself and attack if necessary

Utilise your opponent’s inertia and energy to your advantage, no matter what their height, weight, gender or whether you’re up against single or multiple attackers.

Protect yourself and your family.

Understand the traditional Wing Chun principles and learn how to apply them to everyday situations.

Incorporate the use of everyday items as a makeshift self-defence weapon tool.


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