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6 Qualities of a Great Training Partner

1. Communicate – Let the “learner” set the speed and intensity THEY need to learn the drill.

2. Empathise – When feeding, put yourself in their position. If you constantly beat them how can they learn.

3. Focus – Stay on track with the drill. Don’t add your own “ideas” unless instructed to do so. The drill is designed to develop a skill, doing something different will produce a different outcome.

4. Feed well – Throw attacks with commitment not intensity. Misdirected attacks cause misdirected defence.

5. Don’t instruct. – Your job is to feed, NOT TEACH. The person needs to get it wrong sometimes in order to know when they get it right. The more time you spend “instructing” the less time they get to practice and try to do it right. If in doubt ask an instructor, they’re easy to find in their two toned black/yellow or black/red uniforms.

6. Smile and enjoy yourself – Have fun when training. It raises the mood of the entire room and carries over long after class has finished.

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