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Welcome to Kung Fu Southside

Discover the power of martial arts with our Kung Fu classes, designed for those eager to enhance their confidence and elevate their health and fitness. Since 2012, we have been empowering adults and children alike to build resilience, master self-defense skills, and achieve their full potential.

Join the many in Brisbane who choose Kung Fu Southside at Hillcrest to unlock their own and their children’s potential through the discipline and artistry of martial arts.

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Grasshoppers: Kids Ages 4-5

“Kinder martial arts” is specially designed for 4 to 5 year-olds to teach them positive social skills…

Dragons: Kids Ages 6-7

Wing Chun Dragons Program uses the excitement and fun of Wing Chun Dragon martial arts techniques…

Tigers: Kids Ages 8-13

Wing Chun Tigers Program for 8-13-year-olds mixes martial arts skills with self-defence and character …

Adult Kung Fu Classes

Adult Kung Fu classes employ the Wing Chun Kung Fu method, which promotes a comprehensive…

Women's Kung Fu Classes

Ladies Only Kung Fu classes provide incredible full-body exercise for all fitness levels. Learn practical …

Private Lessons

Private lessons outside of regular classes are the best method for polishing technical skills…

Who We Are

Kung Fu Southside

Kung Fu Southside has highly skilled and experienced instructors who have a wide range of expertise in martial arts. We offer Wing Chun classes to people of all age groups. Whether you are looking to learn Kung Fu for self-defence, fitness, or martial arts fun – we have got you covered!

You will receive comprehensive conditioning and martial arts training that promotes a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Wing Chun Kung Fu instils discipline, confidence, and self-defence.

Kung Fu Southside is a leading name promoting Wing Chun Martial Arts in Australia since 2012.

With the guidance of our experienced and professional martial arts instructors, you will receive one-on-one instruction, learn vital techniques, and speak about your personal goals. When it comes to Traditional Martial Arts in Modern Times, Kung Fu Southside has the skills, passion, and dedication to help you.

Wing Chun Is For Everyone

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Learn Self Defence

Wing Chun is a traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu style that promotes courtesy, respect, integrity, and self-control for a healthy mind and body. It is a form of self-defence that develops quick arm movements and strong legs.

Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong  is an effective self-defence system that is also used to improve health.

Kung Fu Southside is the Global Headquarters of Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong, which contains the internal aspects of Wing Chun Qi Gong as taught by Grand Master Gregory Choi and the external self defence techniques.

Sifu Dave Richardson, the owner of Kung Fu Southside, is the last student of Grand Master Choi, learning the secrets of Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong passed down by Ip Man to Grand Master Choi.

He is committed to ensuring the art of Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong is preserved for future generations and that the methods practiced are effective and have been tested in a real-world environment.

Hence, the creation of Kung Fu Southside.

This modern fitness centre is located in Browns Plains on the south side of Brisbane in the southeast of Queensland, Australia, and has a range of courses and programs to suit children and adults of all ages and abilities.

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Wing Chun Is For Everyone

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